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“Schlitt’s Creek” a Disc Golf Documentary Movie Premiere Event


I’m still trying to process the amazing amount of positivity and support that was received last night at the ROXY.

It is incredible to me that collectively what we can accomplish. First off, big ole thanks to Devin, Adam, Alex, Stigs, and Jim Klem for being the crew that helped everything look nice and run a super smooth event.

I kept telling myself that “oh, I’m not nervous at all. This is just a simple event for a sold out, standing room only screening of an hour long documentary film that I created. EASY 😳

Well, turns out I do get nervous. Started with a 2 hour drive in traffic from the city, rushing to my parents house to pick up items, get dressed and then rush to ROXY. Then, find parking, get set up and make sure everyone is set. My worst fear was showing with my hard drives and my files didn’t work. Luckily enough, it all worked fine.

After everything was all set and decorated, I had about 30mins to write my speech/opening monologue…. Argh.

I’ve always played it out in my head that I’d have all this time to practice and organize my thoughts to make this dope speech….

I went to find solace in the basement of the Roxy and write some thoughts and topics I’d like to hit on. I don’t really write a word for word speech, it’s more like bullet points and I can ramble from there.

7pm comes and it’s door time! Already a handful of people waiting, drinking and eating at the local bars and restaurants. I’m glad ppl are feeling good. Cuz my mind is still buzzing.

I am stoked at the amount of raffle items people brought!! From full size baskets, halo polecats, wraiths, bags, and so much plastic it was incredible. Freaking amazing that we helped raise almost $600 with the raffle Tix to benefit Clash 6! I’m glad I didn’t have to bring the basket back and stoked that Franky had room in his car to bring it!

745pm. I start my video countdown. Those years of producing corporate event videos have come in handy, as Ive used those skills to get all the pieces into place to make it a cohesive event. It worked! People took their seats, ready to watch beer in hand!

Time to breathe…. Palms not sweaty wishing I had some spaghetti.

It’s showtime baby! Jason goes up says a few words and I take my place at the back of the room. Looking back, I should have been outside the door and waited for my theme music for a more epic entrance. I wanted to do a WWF style entrance in my head, but “some technical difficulties” with the music. OH WELL. That was the most awkward part of the night.

I make my way to the stage, and get the mic. I never get on the microphone. But it is super freaking cool to be standing up on stage, my name on the marquee, my disc golf logo behind me and giant room full of my favourite people watching me. Once I took that mic, I felt my anxiety start to fade away. Maybe it was the bright lights, maybe it was basking in the glory, maybe it wasn’t cuz I couldn’t really see the audience cuz the lights were blinding me. But I felt at ease as a public speaker, it was excillarating. I don’t know how long that was but it felt like 10-15mins and I felt like I could talk for a half hour.

Who would have thought the quiet one. The one always looking back, the one thinking what could have been…Who would have thought that this guy would be so happy to be speaking on stage.

If this present version of my was talking to a past version of me, I’d say….”what if you were the person that inspired you.”

I really hope someone recorded it. I’ve seen clips on Instagram here and there. So if you have anything please send it to me!

Showtime! Finally got to the main event. I feel like everyone was tightly engrained in watching every aspect of what I’ve created. From the trailers, to the lead-ups, to the post credit scene I added as a surprise. I still feel weird calling myself a director and calling it a movie, but I guess it truly is. That’s just imposter syndrome kicking in.

I’m glad we shared this night with some non disc golfers too! I think we succeeded in showing what this community is all about and I do believe we’ve created some new fans of the sport.

But a truly epic evening, thanks to the Roxy for hosting and I really appreciate all the help from everyone. It was so fun that I kinda want to do it again…. What do you think?! Would you come out to another disc golf movie night????

PS. in the craziness of the evening, I really was just trying to take it all in mentally. So I didn’t get as many photos/videos that I’d like. PLEASE SEND ME ANYTHING YA GOT! (send me a message thru here or any of the socials below)

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Make sure to subscribe to YouTube…. I’ll be dropping it very soon so that will be your best way to stay in the know.


Much love

-Ryan Aquino

Published by Ryan Aquino

Owner/Operator for Disc Golf Digest

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