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“Schlitt’s Creek” a Disc Golf Documentary Movie Premiere Event

WOW. WOW. HOLY WOW. I’m still trying to process the amazing amount of positivity and support that was received last night at the ROXY. It is incredible to me that collectively what we can accomplish. First off, big ole thanks to Devin, Adam, Alex, Stigs, and Jim Klem for being the crew that helped everythingContinue reading ““Schlitt’s Creek” a Disc Golf Documentary Movie Premiere Event”

Taking my Talents to Disc Golf Network

Hey everyone, I’d like to give you an exciting news update. For the 2022 season, I will be working directly with the post-production team on Disc Golf Network / Disc Golf Pro Tour! I’m bringing my editing talents to help them with this DGN show called “The Scramble”, it’s a half hour recap show forContinue reading “Taking my Talents to Disc Golf Network”

I worked with JomezPro

WOW. So incredible. This past summer was a blur but one my biggest projects was filming, editing, and producing a documentary about disc golf in CHICAGO with the Paul McBeth Foundation. It is a project for myself that began as a true passion project, I wanted to tell the story of bringing disc golf toContinue reading “I worked with JomezPro”

The First EVER Dellys!

This is a unique event, a disc golf awards show! To the people and the community in the scene that we have here in IL, disc golf is so much more than throwing frisbees in the woods. Disc Golf means different things to the person depending on who you ask. But the commonality is thatContinue reading “The First EVER Dellys!”