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“Schlitt’s Creek” a Disc Golf Documentary Film

The HIGHLY ANTICIPATED feature documentary is finally here!! FULL VERSION available to watch on YouTube. (link below)

The “Schlitt’s Creek” disc golf documentary film takes you on the journey with Dan Schlitter (Team Discraft), during the incredible tournament at Clash at the Canyons in Lockport,IL (July 2021) a Disc Golf Pro Tour event.

This film speaks about the impact of the fans, the community at large, and the huge out pouring of support that both disc golfers and the general public can enjoy.

We take you on the journey of local pro, Dan Schlitter winning his first DGPT event in front of the home town crowd, and what it was like to go against some of the best in the sport, in a dramatic playoff finish that captured the hearts of many.

Directed, Filmed, Edited by Ryan Aquino Productions, LLC – (Disc Golf Digest™)

Featuring: Dan Schlitter, Sean Callahan, Sheila Callahan

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DISC GOLF DIGEST™ is a youtube channel by director, producer & editor Ryan Aquino, an Emmy award nominee, whose credits include work for Disc Golf Pro Tour, Disc Golf Network, JomezPro, and Paul McBeth Foundation.

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Published by Ryan Aquino

Owner/Operator for Disc Golf Digest

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