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Disc Golf Documentary MOVIE Premiere

Hi everyone, I’m doing quite possibly the craziest thing I’ve ever done before. 🎬

I have been finishing my disc golf documentary about the Disc Golf Pro Tour event at Clash at the Canyons and the amazing playoff finish, featuring Dan Schlitter. Additional interviews and TD insight by Sean and Sheila Callahan.

For the past year, I’ve been pouring my heart and soul into disc golf media, and it has been crazy. Lots of project juggling and lots of back and forth. So this one kinda got put on the backburner for a bit. I re-kindled my motivation to finally finish this project, and I’m so excited to SHOW it to YOU ALL.

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But I truly believe this will very special. This piece will make you think differently about every disc golf video you’ve ever seen. I’m totally confident, in saying this is the best thing I’ve ever done…so far.

So onto the crazy thing. This release deserves something special, it deserves the people that made it possible. And it deserves the local community.
I will be having a MOVIE PREMIERE EVENT at the ROXY!! Friday, May 6 at 7pm. I’m rolling out the red carpet, and I want you all there!

Tickets will be limited, and available on disc golf scene ONLY. Cost is only $15 (cheaper than a disc and provides more value than a movie ticket!)

I will be working on a few things to make the night special for everyone. Sammy’s Linqs will be providing food all night! Disc Golf Trivia with Baig of Tricks! Raffle with prizes to benefit CLASH 6!

Special thanks to everyone that is helping make this event happen!
ROXY Lockport
Baig of Tricks Entertainment
Sammys Linqs
Dellwood Disc Golf
Unstable Discourse
Mista Glista
The Disc Golf Photographer


Published by Ryan Aquino

Owner/Operator for Disc Golf Digest

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