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Chicago Disc Golf Documentary Project


“Chicago Disc Golf Exposition” Documentary

Hosted in historic Jackson Park, the site of the first World’s Fair, this week-long event will introduce community members to the world of disc golf.

I’ve built up the social account DISC GOLF DIGEST specifically this year and I’ve been putting myself out there to capture more stories about people and cover events.

I’m also working with Disc Golf Pro Tour as their regional media representative. Currently in post-production for another documentary right now about Clash of the Canyons PRO weekend, and the electrifying playoff between Dan Schlitter and Terry Rothlisberger. (Hoping to finish that soon)

One major void I have been seeing in the current state of disc golf media, is the lack of storytelling. The human emotion that drives us all is the beating heart that makes this sport so lovable. I’ve seen human emotion from players, tournament directors, professional players and local amateur players alike. You see it at all these events across the country, you see it on coverage. But what you don’t see is the person, what makes them tick? What is in their heart and mind? If you don’t know anything about disc golf, you see these players throwing discs/frisbees super far in the woods but you really don’t know what drives them. Why do they love the sport so much?

I’m here to change all that. STORY is everything. That is my goal in creating anything and without story, there is no heart. Story is what keeps people watching, and heart is what keeps more people coming in.

The Disc Golf Chicago Exposition is a big story for both Chicago as a city, and disc golf nation as a whole. This story has legs beyond the disc golfer viewers, it has the ability to touch the hearts and minds of many. Up and comers, new players, “the average viewer”, I’m filming this documentary for Chicago Disc Golf to show the world what community means to this sport, we all love.

This entire disc golf course project is a “ready made” story, it just needs someone to show it. I’m glad to do this and it’s the biggest thing I’ve ever done.

This “Chicago Disc Golf Documentary”—(title TBA), is not affiliated with anybody though. It’s all me. I am literally a 1 man band.

The more I’m looking into this event and the historical implications of it, I realize that this story has legs beyond the disc golf world. It has reach and the ability to humanize the story behind it. It’s also a big story with all the people involved. So I want to interview all hands in this project. This can be a big piece, and when it’s done, I have plans to get as many eyes on it as I can. I will keep you all updated on plans for that, but I want to do it big, in a way that’s never been done before!

I have so much confidence in myself and the value I bring to creating this piece, and I have the skills and ability to have this work glide to the moon. It’s purely a passion project right now so no $$ behind it but my own. But I am reaching straight to the heart and diving in head first to create the documentary that nobody asked for but it’s the documentary that everyone deserves.

-Ryan Aquino

For more information on the event: Click Here

Published by Ryan Aquino

Owner/Operator for Disc Golf Digest

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